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Tim Johnson is a commercial photographic illustrator, calligrapher and instructor. He can help you learn new skills, know more about your camera and equipment, make purchase decisions and learn the art of calligraphy, gilding and custom embossing. His rates are reasonable and you will benefit from the time you spend with him. interested in the lettering, photographic and communication arts. Tim has juried art and photo competitions. He is passionate about art, design and life.
He is an Appalachian American, a proud Virginian and a grateful patriot.
All classes are interactive and all commissions are meant to please the customer.
ENROLL in a Wake Tech Continuing Education Evening class or contact Tim about small group or private calligraphy or photography lessons. He is patient and gentle.
Preaching since the age of 15, Tim was ordained in 1970 and has served as minister, counselor, camp director, recreation expert, evangelist, teacher and lecturer. Growing into a greater and more universal faith Tim learns from and helps those with needs and open hearts.
Tim was the officiant in a presentation of "A Wedding Story" on The Learning Channel and was a part of the motion picture, BOLDEN! He has been filmed and interviewed by many local news media (print and TV) and was even videotaped by a group of nuns for a documentary they were creating about humanitarian work in Tanzania.
Talk - write - take pictures and have fun!

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